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Incoming Call Notification with Queue Name

If you are assigned to a queue, and you have an incoming call, you can get a notification with the name of the queue that the call is made to.

You activate the notification about Show queue name on incoming call under Settings > Notifications in the Myfone app.

Settings for notifications in the Myfone app

When the correct permissions are given and the feature is activated, you will receive the notification with the name of the queue where notifications may appear in the respective OS. The notification only comes up on the iPhone or Android phone that is assigned to the queue.

The call is not answered when you press the notification. Therefore, you still have to answer the call as usual.

Incoming call to queue

Please note that you will only receive notifications if you have granted the necessary permissions.

You can check if the Myfone app has permission to display notifications inside the Myfone app under Settings -> Notifications -> Display of notifications -> Notifications -> Allow notifications. Once you've allowed notifications, you can return to the Myfone app and choose which notifications should be active.

If you are using iOS's focus features, make sure that you have allowed the Myfone app permission to display notifications when the relevant focus feature is active. In some cases, it might help to allow the Myfone app in the Personal focus feature, even if you don't use the focus feature.

NOTE: Notifications are not supported in languages other than Danish.