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How do I set up Teams Presence subscription?

In this article you can see how to set up or deactivate subscription for Teams Presence.


You don't need the Teams call functionality to use this feature.

Create a new global admin user 

To set up the Teams Presence subscription, you need to use a Microsoft global admin user. If you need a new global admin user – follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Office 365 portal through portal.office.com with a global admin user.

2. Go to Admin.

3. Navigate to Users > Active users and press Add user.

4. Create the new temporary admin user with the following attributes:

Optional name and email address.

Choose to create password and uncheck Require this user to change their password when they first sign in.

In the product licensing list choose to create the user without any product licenses.

Under the optional settings, move the radio button from User (no admin center access) to Admin center access and check the box Global Administrator.

NB The global admin user may not be deleted after setting up the subscription - this will disable the feature.

Set up on PBXadmin

When the global admin user is created you need to activate the feature on PBXadmin.

NB Since the site is in danish, we recommend using the native Google Translate function in Google Chrome.

Activate Setup (Aktivér opkobling)

Here you activate the Teams Presence subscription - meaning that Teams sets your status as Busy on all of your devices when you are in a Teams call or Teams meeting.


Function Description
1. Microsoft Teams Presence (Beta)  Here you access the Teams Presence integration. 
2. Activate Activate the subscription by checking the box.
3. Contact email We contact this email address in case of errors in the setup. 
4. Login with Microsoft  Login with your global admin user.  
5. Save  Save the setup or changes in the setup. 
6. Send information mail to employees You can send an email to the employees regarding the subscription on Teams Presence. 
7. Differences in Teams call functionality and Teams Presence.  Here you can read more about the differences. 

Employees (Medarbejdere)


Function Description 
1. Name Name of the employee.
2. Active Check the box to activate the subscription for the employee. 
3. Email address The employee's email address. 
4. Save Save the setup or changes in the setup.
5. Send information mail to employees Here you can send an email to the employees regarding the subscription on Teams Presence. 

How to deactivate the subscription?

To deactivate the feature for one or more employees all you need to do is to uncheck the boxes corresponding to the employees in the Employee tab on PBXadmin.

If you want to deactivate the feature for all the employees at once you need to uncheck the box Activate in the Activate setup tab.

Remember to update system, to publish the changes to your system.