Which browsers and platforms does Flexfone support?

Flexfones different websites and platforms work in the most common browsers.


Flexfone's websites (Myfone.dk included) have been tested and confirmed to be working as intended on the last two versions of the browsers above. The browsers above must be used with either a PC or Mac and with a minimum of either Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.7. 

*It is not possible to choose individual devices for sound and voice in Firefox. This means that the voice sound and ringtone sound will play through the same sound device - for-example a headset. 

**General functionality on Myfone.dk is supported in Safari, but softphone functionality is not supported. 

Is your software not mentioned? 

We only test with the most common browsers and operating systems as shown above. We therefore can't guarantee that our websites work as intended in other browsers or operating systems. 

We recommend that you use the newest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox for either PC or Mac.