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Why do I need to use a new method to connect my Jabra headset on Myfone.dk?

The new method makes it easier to connect new Jabra headsets in the future.

The current connection method, where you must download and install browser extensions and software, will be replaced by a method where you can connect your Jabra headset with a few clicks directly on Myfone.dk.

How does this affect me as a user?

You will need to connect your hedseat again on Friday the 16. December 2022. You will not be able to use your Jabra headset until you have connected via the new method.

You will only need to do this once and everything will work as it did before. 

You will get a pop-up notification in Myfone when you need to connect your headset.

How do I connect my Jabra headset with the new method? 

Go to Myfone settings and select Call with Myfone.

1. Click on Show devices under Answer calls on Jabra headset.

2. Select your Jabra device

3. Click on Connect. Your Jabra headset is now connected and fully functional.