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Employee notes in the Myfone app

In the Myfone app, like on Myfone.dk, you can create an employee note that quickly informs your colleagues.

1. You will find notes on your home screen.

2. Press on Information for your colleagues to open the input field.


3. You can now enter your note. Your note can contain a maximum of 200 characters.

4. Notes can be time-limited. Therefore, you can choose when the note expires.


5. After entering your note and choosing the expiration time, press Save.


6. There will now be a clock visible next to your name in Contacts as well as inside your contact information. Your colleagues will also be able to see your note along with all other colleagues' notes on the home screen.



7. You can edit your own note or a colleague's by pressing a note on the home screen.


8. You can delete the note by pressing Delete note at the bottom of the note. The note is also automatically deleted when the chosen time period expires.


9. You can create a note for a colleague by going to the colleague's contact and pressing the clock in the top right corner.