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How do I forward calls?

On Myfone.dk and the Myfone client you can forward calls so they always go directly to a phone queue or another colleague, when you are not available to answer the call.

You can setup call forwarding under Profile Management on Myfone. Under the right profile you find the phone number from which calls should be forwarded. You then choose in the first column Forward to and then where the call should be forwarded to.

There are many options for forwarding calls. You can, for example, forward calls to a colleague, a phone number, or a dial menu.


Kim Poulsen from IT-Bixen A/S would like calls to his work number to be forwarded to the company's main number, if anyone calls him, when he is off. In this case, there is a voicemail attached to the main number for calls outside business hours.

He goes to his profiles and selects the Off hours profile.

  1. Next to his work number 69144585 he needs to select Forward to.

  2. Then he clicks on Choose.


  3. He clicks on Phone number in the side menu.

  4. He selects the company's main number.


Now Kim's work number is set up to forward to the main number when he is off hours, as shown in the picture below.


You can find more information about call forwarding here.