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Permissions for iOS

The Myfone app for iOS needs the following permissions to ensure that all functions work as intended.

Permission to show contacts

You need to give permission for the app to display your contacts from your phone book.

We also use this permission in case you want to export the contacts to Myfone.dk.

1. Press Show contacts.

Permissions in the Myfone app

2. Activate Contacts to give permission, as shown below.

Allow Contacts

Permission to show contact info

In order for the app to show you which colleague or contact from the shared contact book is calling you, you need to enable Call Blocking & Identification.

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Press Phone.

Permission to show contact info - step 2

Choose Call Blocking & Identification.

Permission to show contact info - step 3

4. Activate Myfone.

Permission to show contact info - step 4

5. Once permission is given, all your colleagues or contacts from the Shared contact book, who call you, will be shown on your call screen, even if they are not in your phone book. External contacts will be shown as usual.


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